Pantheons: Sculpture at St Paul's Cathedral (c.1796-1916)

NEW: Guidebook

NEW: Guidebook to the Monuments of St Paul’s

Monuments of St Paul's Cathedral 1796-1916 - cover image

Written by Jason Edwards, Amy Harris and Greg Sullivan, members of the Pantheons: Sculpture at St Paul’s Cathedral research team, Monuments of St Paul’s Cathedral 1796–1916 is the first guidebook to focus specifically on the many monuments to be found in the cathedral.  Lavishly illustrated with stunning photography throughout, it offers a rich artistic and historical overview of the figures memorialised, both famous and less well known today.

The book is available both in person and online from the St Paul’s Cathedral shop.

St Paul’s Cathedral is home to some of the finest sculptures by the foremost artists of the nineteenth century. Among those represented on memorials around the cathedral are giants of the arts, political and military figures, and a range of other men and women of national importance, from Admiral Nelson to Florence Nightingale. Their memorials echo the tenor of their lives, some dramatic and impressive, others quieter and more reflective, but each with its own story to tell.

As one of the key National Pantheons, the monuments of St Paul’s are also an historical register of nineteenth-century nationalist attitudes, giving them particular piquancy in the light of current conversations about national identity and values.

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